10 Chapter 10: Dante (II)

The night breeze tickled his nose, and Kilian opened his eyes sitting up with a pounding headache.

'What happened?'

The flashes of his brother choking him in wine were suddenly vivid in his mind, and he clenched his fist at his chest in anger.

He had not expected anyone would directly hurt him at that gathering, at most he had prepared to endure some foul comments or belittling words. He could take ridicule, but he was still too weak to fend for himself physically.

His light body felt heavy against the bed he was laying in and a sharp pain surged up his legs.


He leaned forward reaching and grabbing at his legs, trying to massage them gently. It was as if his whole body was scolding him for going out when he was this weak.

"Master Kilian?".

The voice was nervous and Dante stepped over to the bed from the shadows he had been residing in while his master was sleeping.

Kilian clenched his teeth, holding back any more outbursts from being in pain, and looked up at Dante who was now wearing casual clothes.

"Where are we?".

Kilian had noticed the room, though it was dark it was not like the usual room he would sleep in at the Count's mansion.

Dante hesitated for a moment then stepped closer to the end of the bed.

"We are at Mr. Kilga's residence in town".

Dante looked at Kilian with an apologetic expression, clenching his fists and watching Kilian as if he had more to say.

"I wasn't there…". The words trailed off in a lower tone but continued.

"I should have been there, I can not believe the Second Young Master would do this… to his own brother".

Kilian didn't reply but saw the man at the end of the bed shaking.

Maybe the day had not been in vain he thought. It seemed as if his escort favored him more than he had known.

Dante may not be a lord or master or noble of any kind, but he was not a weakling, and Kilian needed someone to be his arms and legs when muscles were needed.

"It is ok, I am ok".

Kilian replied trying to appease the big body that seemed like it was trembling in anger and regret.

"You came and helped me at the end, if not for you I think I would have drowned in merlot wine".

He was half-joking but vividly remembered the feeling of the strong wine soaring through his throat not giving way for air, and without knowing had reached up and placed this palm around his neck.

Dante went quiet and it seemed several minutes passed without anyone breaking the silence.

"It wasn't me…"

Kilian looked up at Dante noticing how he turned his head away to not meet Kilian's stare.

"It was Lord Rayden".

Kilian pondered on the news for a bit. He had not seen the person clearly but just assumed his escort would have come back and helped him.

Even if what Lucien had done to him was cruel, Some of the men there may have been too frightened to go against him. Of the two, Lucien was favored and Kilian was seen more as something that simply… existed.

'Why did he help me, I thought he was mocking me when I arrived,' he thought about it for a while, remembering the strong feeling of an unknown power that ripped his brother from his body in an instant and had pushed him far to the other end of the terrasse and into the garden.

"Now I need to thank that smug face," he said out loud with an obvious regretful tone followed by a sigh.

Dante made a nervous sound, but Kilian couldn't tell what it was, cause at that moment another sharp pain rushed up through his dull legs.

His head was still groggy and the sleepiness was taking him, but his legs kept hurting, and he had trouble finding rest in his body.


Kilian let out a few painful sounds, inwardly cursing his legs. It felt as if they were punishing him for all the week's worth of training he had put them through.

"Would you like me to massage your legs?" Dante asked hesitantly but still loud enough for Kilian to hear it.

Kilian didn't like it when people would randomly get near and touch him, but right now he was to tired to massage them himself, and he desperately needed to rest as the rest of his body was aching for some sleep.

"Sure" Kilian finally replied and pulled the blanket back revealing him still laying in the same clothes he had worn to the club.

He fumbled with the pants, undoing them, and tried to pull them down, only to suddenly see the embarrassed face of Dante who was watching it.

"I… I meant with your clothes on sir."

Kilian paused and sighed.

"If you going to do it, do it right, it won't help as much, and I need these clothes off anyways if I am going to continue to sleep here".

Dante nodded and leaned in helping Kilian to pull the pants down. It was not some sort of big reveal, Kilian's shirt had been tucked into the pants and was covering down to his thighs.

Kilian let out a sound of relief feeling the room's cool air hit his legs. It felt good and he laid back down moving his legs further down towards the end of the bed.

Dante watched it all as it happened, following each movement Kilian made as if he trusted Dante completely with his body.

His thoughts were muddled, and he was struggling to try and keep his mind steady as a knight serving their master should.

Maybe Kilian just didn't know how tempting he was right now. Even as a man, he was undoubtedly beautiful even to other men.

Dante knew that a relationship between men was frowned upon, but to betray the trust as a knight would be even worse.

Dante swallowed hard and knocked some sense into his mind.

He was going to serve this Kilian Heathgrave, he couldn't have any weird thoughts or wants for him, he needed to make sure that trust would be built between them.

Also, Kilian was a man, why did his mind keep forgetting that point, as if it didn't matter?

Dante eyed the young man lying in bed who had closed his eyes, his blonde hair messily laying on the sheets, breathing quietly and slowly as if he had full trust in him.

'But why does he have to look like that, it is too inviting'.

Dante let out a deep sigh.

He knew touching a noble could be the same as suicide, but for now, he had been given permission to at least alleviate the pain in his master's legs, and he would do just that.

Dante reached down taking a firm hold around the calf of one of the legs with both his hands.

Kilian mumbled something twitching his leg as the cold hands suddenly grabbed them, but Dantes's hands held them tightly, keeping them in his hold, as he slowly started to mold and press at the muscles with his thumbs.

There was more muscle in the legs than he would assume from someone who hadn't been using them regularly for 18 years, but it also wasn't much and they were hard as a rock, cramping the leg.

'Is he… training them?' He thought, suddenly feeling the leg as if it was a trainee who had just recently started rigorous exercises.

'No wonder they are hurting…'

Dante moved his hands up and down the calf feeling the uneven skin as his palms brushed over several scars on the legs.

He paused his movement realizing his master had scars up both his legs from the soles of his feet to his knees, only his thighs wseemed untouched.

What had the people at the mansion done to Kilian?… He could tell some were only a couple of months old, while some had healed long ago, now looking more like lines ruining the fair skin forever.

No wonder Kilian couldn't walk.

'Is this why he is in a wheelchair, the maids always said he was born unable to walk'.

Dante felt a rage burning inside him. How could anyone do something like this to a kind person like Kilian?

He carefully made sure to massage the leg, noticing Kilian would move slightly sometimes letting out small content sounds, already fully asleep.

He sighed watching the guy turn and toss, only to calm down when Dante continued messaging his other leg.

It was alluring. Dante had to admit he needed to look away and try to think of something else. The now constant sounds of Kilian were awakening another part of him.

'Is this The Lady trying to test my conscience?'

Dante was referring to the patron of Knights.

The Lady, was more like a superstition than a god, that Knights believed in.

It was said she overlooked and judged knights based on chivalry, valor, and courage but more than that, it was said she would hold a knight accountable if they were to betray their Master.

His fingers kept moving up and down Kilian's legs, relieving them of the stress and softening the tight muscles. His hands were now warm from the constant friction with Kilian's skin, and the blood flow had become better giving off a slightly rosy color to Kilian's fair skin.

He leaned in over the bed more moving his hands up to the knees, and further feeling the soft skin of the thighs without any scars.

'Does this youn master even know what he is doing to me right now?'

Dante retracte dhis hands furthe rdowna gain, trying to be respectful to Kilian's body, he could still not believe the thoughts running through his mind when seeing th efigure under him.

'I need a cold bath'. He thought.

Kilian wasn't fully asleep.

At first, he had enjoyed the massage lingering in a place between sleep and an awake state letting out a few sounds of contentment, as the pain had started to lift.

His head was still groggy and his cheeks felt heated.

He didn't hate the feeling he had right now, and if his shirt hadn't been loose and covering his lower parts, Dante would have noticed the effect his hands had on him.

Suddenly the good feeling came to a stop as Dante retracted his hands, the sounds of them both breathing filled the room.

Kilian heard the door close as Dante left, but his mind was too far gone to think anything of it and finally fell asleep, his body feeling light against the sheets.

Out in the hall, Dante was standing up against the wall to the room, catching his breath, cursing at himself.

He had almost done something terrible in that room, and he needed to resolve himself.

He had initially admired Kilian and looked forward to the times the Young man would appear in the window during training.

The thoughts he had had in that room were now only confusing him.

'Is this just admiration?'

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