[BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess! Book

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[BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess!


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Max Foster lives an adventurous life. He loves himself and enjoys himself. Especially Action in the Bed! But suddenly one day he wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, an unfamiliar body and he's not Max anymore? Now Max has to live his life as Adian Marcoxius Drane, an omega, and...now he is left with Adian's messy life to clean up in his hands! And miracles of miracles, Adian is pregnant...which is wonderful except for one question: Who is the Father? Is it Fernando, the Sleazy Beta viscount? Or maybe Eduardo, the tender and sweet Alpha Duke? Or worst of worst, a butler in the house? 'If the truth gets out to the public, be prepared to face the consequences.' What should Max do?? Join Max Foster in his journey to find the dad before Adian's Omega-hating-Husband finds out! -------------------------------- Hi, Thank you for checking out my book please do leave a comment, review and do vote for it! DISCLAIMER: All credits of artwork goes to the artist. No copyright infringement intended. This is a relatively slow paced novel. Do bear with the characters as they explore each other, both in mind and body! Winkwink!


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