[BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess!
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[BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess!


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What is [BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess!

Read [BL] DNA DILEMMA: Caught in Someone else's Mess! novel written by the author miyobiya on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering comedy, r18, transmigration, bl, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Max Foster lives an adventurous life. He loves himself and enjoys himself. Especially Action in the Bed! But suddenly one day he wakes up in an unfamiliar bed, an unfamiliar body and he's not Max anymore? Now Max has to live his life as Adian Marcoxius Drane, an omega, and...now he is left with Adian's messy life to clean up in his hands! And miracles of miracles, Adian is pregnant...which is wonderful except for one question: Who is the Father? Is it Fernando, the Sleazy Beta viscount? Or maybe Eduardo, the tender and sweet Alpha Duke? Or worst of worst, a butler in the house? 'If the truth gets out to the public, be prepared to face the consequences.' What should Max do?? Join Max Foster in his journey to find the dad before Adian's Omega-hating-Husband finds out! -------------------------------- Hi, Thank you for checking out my book please do leave a comment, review and do vote for it! DISCLAIMER: All credits of artwork goes to the artist. No copyright infringement intended. This is a relatively slow paced novel. Do bear with the characters as they explore each other, both in mind and body! Winkwink!


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Hi! Author here This is a light and fun mpreg omegaverse that focuses on the relationship of the married couple as they navigate through the obstacles in their relationship! This is first work I've fully invested in after 5 years of break from writing~ It's a bit rusty but I hope to grow and build this work with love[img=recommend]


The book is very interesting so far, Our dear MC here have to find the baby father I just hope the dude will be kind 🏃‍♀️ I love mpreg, so it make me more excited to read it, the book is written well and Lovely though I can't say much cause it's still early overall its really good. Thank you for creating this novel 💞


Liked this so much~ Only downer is that it's quite slow-paced but i like any way. I hope author keeps up the good work as I look forward to how the story advances and It's mpreg! So baby will be there hahhahah


I rarely read mpreg books, but I give this book a try after I saw the cover and the synopsis. Idk why, but I felt sad when I read the early chapters, lol~ 😅 This book is so interesting and well-written. The author is so good at describing the characters' feelings. It's simple, but it's on point. But, I wonder why the author used single quotation marks for the dialogues. Is it for a certain purpose? Besides the quotation marks issue, I still found this book worth reading [img=recommend]


Liked this so much~ Only downer is that it's quite slow-paced but i like any way. I hope author keeps up the good work as I look forward to how the story advances and It's mpreg! So baby will be there hahhahah


I stumbled upon this book and never would have thought, that I woul fall in love with it, as till this point mpreg was a big no no for me. But here I am, loving every chapter and hoping for the MC to deal properly with the mess he found himself in. The story develoment is perfect, as you are able to get to know the characters very well. I‘m impatiently waiting for more chapters, so I can again drown in their own created drama. The language the Author choses feels very fitting, although it‘s quite tough to read sometimes for me as a non-english speaker. But that‘s nothing a dictionary couldn‘t solve and it‘s only a tiny bump on the road 💞


I have been obsessed with mpreg/omegaverse novels since quite some time now and I have truly enjoyed reading this book so far. It's not a mainstream story where the alpha is your typical possesive tyrant and the omega is your typical damsel in distress who needs to be protected. It's a fresh and entertaining take and I recommend to give it a read. Plus I am so thankful for the daily updates. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]




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