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"I will not get married!" Wen YanJun screamed brushing his hair backward with his fingers as frustration and anger made him shake visibly.

"Mum knows what is best for you and with your retirement, it best you settle with someone powerful," his mother told him calmly as though she could not see her son's red eyes shooting daggers all over the living room.

"I am only twenty-four there is so much I have planned to do here, you have no right to force me," he warned his mother with his teeth clenched.

He could not believe the woman was the same woman who pampered him so much when he was a young boy running around the house. He would believe it if someone tells him an alien took over her body.

"I do, Remember what you promised me when you left the country," she reminded her son with a smile that anyone would feel the warmth from though it made him feel the chills.

Wen YanJun was forced to remember the words he promised his mother in tears when he was leaving home to become a trainee in a whole new place.

He was too young to think the words she said would come back to haunt him.

"Stop making yourself look like the devil here," his father who had been silent all along was forced to speak when he could not let his son's loving mother who had cried over this arrangement appear as the villain of this matter.

"Are you in support?" he asked his father in horror as he met his father's gaze.

"It was all my fault," his father began.

YanJun's legs lost their strength and he fell to the floor. The pain he felt was nothing close to the pain he felt in his heart. He sighed losing the hope he had. He had thought his father was the only person who could get him out of this crazy arrangement.

"Your elder brother got into trouble. We were going bankrupt and we needed money," his father began explaining solemnly.

"Then send him," he shouted pointing at his brother who was standing at the door with his head bowed.

"He said he knew you. that was why I told you then not to become an idol," his brother murmured almost inaudible but it was loud enough for him to hear everything that was said.

The home he missed so much when he left Korea had turned to hell. He looked at his parents and his brother and he could not recognize them at all. He visited them only two months ago when he came to the country for a concert before his group's contract expired.

He could still remember the excitement that surged through his vein when he saw them from the stage. They asked him what he wanted to do after retiring and he did not hesitate to share how much he wanted to start his clothing line.

"That is not happening," he regained composure and told them clearly before standing up. "You are all crazy and I will not be a part of this craziness. I am no longer a member of this family as you have made clear to me," he told them as he began walking to the door.

"Your brother will die if we don't pay him the money."

"I don't care. I would rather watch him die than marry a man. I have a girlfriend for goodness' sake," he told them without turning. He continued towards the door.

His wrist was caught by his mother but he refused to look back as he tried his best to carefully wriggle his hand out of her grip without hurting her.

"That man is dangerous," he heard his mother's voice lose composure for the first time in his life. She has always been someone to keep her feelings under control or perhaps she could be controlling them to her advantage now?

He looked at her and could see the tears running down her cheeks. He felt his heart sink and his chest tighten. "Do you think I will send you without fighting as much as I can?"

He looked into her amber eyes he inherited and he could not help but swallow the lumps that formed in his throat. "I . . . I don't know. I don't know anything anymore," he trembled as he shook his head slowly in confusion.

He would not believe such a joke on a normal day but the seriousness of these all made him know it was everything far from a joke and if he does not leave, he will have to live the rest of his life with a crazy man.

"I was willing to go bankrupt. I was willing to have our family move to the slum than to see my son go through this," she choked as he touched his face with her shaky hands. "He told us that if we were unwilling to take something for you, he will take you away from the airport and we will never see you again."

That made him shiver and he could not understand why he believed all she said despite how sad and angry he was. "None of these adds up," YanJun tried to speak logically.

"I know so please . . . please . . . sit down so we could talk things out," she begged him desperately.

He looked at the leather sofa and back at his mother before shaking his head furiously. "I don't trust you," he told her firmly before shaking his hand off her grip and walking off.

He did not pause to take a breath until he was inside a taxi. "Hello bao bei," he said as soon as his girlfriend picked up his call.

"You are back?" Qiao Yuan asked excitedly that he felt warmth spread around his chest from his heart. If he could get married to her, won't he have a beautiful life?

Most people don't believe in long-distance relationships but he had great luck with this one. She was a fashion designer and he wanted her to work with him to build his clothing line.

She was so beautiful and elegant and he missed her so much. "Mhh," he replied and sighed.

"Are you okay?" she asked him worriedly.

"Mmh," he murmured again as her concern made him feel teary. "I am coming to visit you. Wait for me," he told her excitedly when he succeeded in preventing his tears from flowing.

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