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[BL] Becoming the billionaire's kept man


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#Completed Wen YanJun (a Kpop idol retiree due to his contract expiration) returns home to the news that his family members were giving him up to a powerful billionaire. He was determined to leave and start a business with his girlfriend but when his girlfriend betrays him by handing him over to the very man he was avoiding, his world felt destroyed. Lu Mingyu is not only handsome and rich but also a determined man who never lets anything he wants to slip off his finger and he wanted Wen YanJun. He knew the young handsome man from way back more than a decade ago but the young man had forgotten him. He hopes Wen YanJun remembers him but that did not mean he was willing to tell the young man who he was. A narration from his lips could be counted as a lie and he alone knew how much Wen YanJun meant to him and how far he was willing to go to keep him on his side even if it meant that he had to be the bad guy. This is a story about a love kindled a decade ago due to an unfortunate event that ends up becoming a wild uncontrollable fire. The fire of their blossomed love goes way beyond the hot physically intimate relationship to the warmth that spreads slowly from their heart and their desire to love and protect each other regardless of whatsoever. Warning; This starts with slight pain included. Presence of slight misunderstandings. Presence of Mr. Lu Mingyu's cute son. An angry relationship turns into a beautiful familial relationship. Trigger warning: Confinement. Slight Angst //^\\ Read and add to your library. Don't forget to share your thoughts with me. I will read all the comments. Have a nice reading time. And have a fun day too. Extra warning: You might notice some grammatical errors. Please try to be understanding.( ・ั﹏・ั) I am open to corrections which I will take seriously.(θ‿θ) Thanks.


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