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Gremmy lives on the streets and has never gotten anything good. Well, that is about to change. He stumbles upon a mysterious figure standing behind a table. The figure tells him that he can take one of the potions. Gremmy takes it and finds himself in the body of the Quincy Gremmy Thoumeaux. As he begins to understand what is happening he begins to make his own plans and refuses to be a pawn in the Quincy King's plans. _________________________________ The other account was also mine and I got a mess and decided to post it here. This is not a copy or something. It is mine.

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Gremmy Thoumeaux



- The Visionary

-> This power allows Gremmy to turn his imagination into reality.

- Limitless Potential

-> This is due to the Essence of the Blank

- The Compulsory

-> Due to feeding Pernida Parnkgjas to his Hogyoku

- Stillness manipulation

-> Due to feeding Mimihagi to his Hogyoku



Essence of the Blank

-> Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any discipline or skillset, even if you shouldn't be capable of it, without forgetting it, and practising it into mastery, no matter how much you learn.



- Bleach



- Name: Sōzō no Jitsugen ('Imagination Manifestation')

Shikai: Shape the world, Jūtai no Utagaki ('Matterweaver')

- Jūtai no Utagaki, allows Gremmy to manipulate matter in any way he wishes.

- He can manipulate anything that has his Reiatsu infused in it. Meaning, Gremmy can spread his Reiatsu into the surroundings and then manipulate all matter, however he wishes.

- This means that he can also manipulate his own matter.

-> This has various effects, such as instant healing, biology manipulation, etc.

-> This will become even stronger and better when his body becomes real and not just his imagination

- Using Jūtai no Utagaki's ability, he can also use his Zanpakuto to infuse his Reiatsu to heal others or ... kill others.

-> he does that by cutting his opponents. As soon as he cuts them, he is able to let his Reiatsu enter the opponent and then he is able to manipulate their matter as well.


Bankai: Sōzō no Jitsugen 

- Sōzō no Jitsugen manifests not as a weapon of any kind. It is a separate dimension that holds Gremmy's very own reality or world in it.

- in this world that looks like a big dome from the inside, Gremmy has the power to set any and all rules he wishes.

-> This means that before coming to Sōzō no Jitsugen, Gremmy must have set the rules before activating his Bankai

e.g.: Gremmy fights against a Hollow. Before he activates his Bankai, he creates a law that states: 'No Cero is allowed to be fired'. This then means that after Gremmy activates his Bankai and both he and his enemies have been transported here, the Hollow would not be able to use Cero for the duration of the fight.


2nd Zanpakuto:

Name: Ōkami Kikōō (Majestic Radiant Phoenix)



- as of Chapter 52

3-B: Multi-Galaxy level