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The setting of this story is around 2019, within the world with different people having different powers&abilities. The international high school, Oasis, which is a top tier high school, settle on the separate-continent. Over 50% of the population are students and The school took over 30% of the continent's area. The story is about " Jody Connelly " a young female student from America, who has an ability to "Control the air dynamics". Jody is the perfect student. She always stands on the top of the year. But on the other hand, Jody has been suffered from her 'Bizarre' vision disorder because of an event in the past which nothing can restore, cure or fix it. Not even today's technology. But one day, An arrival of the exchanged male student from Thailand, " Syd Barrett " made Jody found that Syd has an ability to " Swap the objects characteristics " and this lead to Jody's belief that by this power could make her vision come back to normal and make Jody be able to live a normal life again.


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