"Journey of Aiden The Cyborg"- SciFi [DROP] Book

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"Journey of Aiden The Cyborg"- SciFi [DROP]


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"Where am I" "Mom? Dad?" A man asked to himself as he lay on the dirty rocky ground as his abdomen was stabbed by post. Eyes shut tightly while his head hurts like someone banged his head multiple times on the wall. He tries to open his eyes and look around his surroundings, but his sight was foggy and blurred. He sobbed from the pain he got from his abdomen. While looking around, his sight cleared as he saw his Father covering another person's body with his own. "Mom" The fire around the house got bigger as he stays there outside his parent's house, witnessing his own parents die before his eyes. "No!!!" He shouted as uncontrollable sobs break through his chest. Hurting his abdomen immensely, but he didn't care. He tries to sit up but the post keeps him in place. His screams for help and cries in agony. His hot tears continue to stream down his face. "Mom...Dad" He said as sobs for the last time as his consciousness left him completely. The place is cold and dark. His soul was forcefully taken out of his body and thrown to another world...more like dimension. 'it's not your time yet' a voice said through around the cold, black space. Now... Aiden Smith's consciousness was back. With his memory be blank as a newborn baby. After that, He lives with his new family as a cyborg. Striving for survival while looking for the person who he really was. Asking and finding pieces of his past self. "Who am I?"


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