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Supreme Sovereign Of Martial World

University student, Long Jun, transmigrated to another world, into the body of a young sect master of a deteriorating sect. Not only that, but he was also somehow come into the possession of a powerful system that would make him stronger by killing or completing quests and literally allow him to do anything in exchange for ‘Merit Points.’ How to obtain these merit points? Completing, System given missions. Helping people in need, killing crooked people and vanquishing demons. Thankfully, in this new world, where the law of the jungle prevailed, and strong devoured weak daily, where demons and devils were a common occurrence; gaining merit points would be as easy as taking a breath. With a system that literally forced him to be a nosey person, Long Jun started to take his first step towards becoming the Supreme Sovereign of this new world as well as many more.

Kinu456 · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings
8 Chs

Divine Talent Born Mortal

Follow the story of how Zhang Yi who was forced to leave his family and go to a war that only awaited his death, but his destiny changed and his masters appeared to give him a second chance that he had a divine body, divine talent for mental energy, divine talent for body refinement, follow in the footsteps of the man who went from a carp to a dragon and will dominate the world.

goodlion · Eastern Fantasy
411 Chs

Skill:UNLIMITED Reincarnated as a Peasant

A recluse tried to save whom he thought to be a normie 3D-girl. He eventually got reincarnated. (The book cover's a temporary one.)

JuliusAlfred · Fantasy
302 Chs

Supreme Origin: Time King

Join Elijah Branches, a six year old boy in his path to trinity while he slowly discovers the Supreme Origin. Check out my new novel, Eden: The Rise of a Fallen God. (https://www.webnovel.com/book/16139046705990305/Eden%3A-The-Rise-of-a-Fallen-God)

StormEliteVII · Fantasy
286 Chs

Divine Beast Ascension

*Daily Chapters, 09:00 (Arizona, UTC -7)* -Book 2 of 6 in the Quillverse- Quillverse Discord: https://discord.gg/akzn9SM5k9 Oli looked up and was surprised to see that he wasn’t alone. “Netra, what are you doing here? This is supposed to be a private room.” “It was a good fight.” That was the only response Netra could think of. “What did you really want to talk about? Was it my dark essence?” Oli didn’t want to waste any time at the given moment. “You already figured me out, so what else is there to talk about? I’m still not going to admit having it to anyone else, so please don’t tell anyone, okay?” ----- After an unfortunate accident, Oli ends up dead. Luckily, he opens his eyes to find himself in a new world with a new chance at life, like the isekai heroes he would read about. The only difference is that now he's a beast in the wild with an undetermined fate. He must survive in this new environment at all costs because in this world one thing is desired above all else, ascension, which is done by devouring one another and growing at others' expense. Oli must seek new family, friends, and allies with beasts and humans alike all while striving to evolve and avoid the perils within the world known as Dominus. Only then can he ascend to the peak of existence, if he survives that is. **Note: You DON'T need to read them in order, but some books will have tie-ins or shared characters further back or further forward in history.

TheSilverQuill · Eastern Fantasy
380 Chs

Wizard World:Struggles of dimensions

Wizards, Magic, gods, Martial arts,numerous worlds, and grand civilizations that run through numerous multiverse in the void, a place filled with countless planes and numerous planar universes. Follow on the epic journey as Layton a seemingly ordinary human from earth reincarnated into a mortal on a weak plane managed by wizards as he follows the wizard path to the peak and beyond.

livefree · Fantasy
139 Chs

Overpowered Soul Transmigrate In Apocalypse


Lazy_leon · Fantasy
204 Chs


Don't we all fantasize about our dream worlds, having us as the main character? The Mc, Long Tao got accidentally killed and is reincarnated. Accompany him in his journey, through the unequal society of cultivation, as he rises to the very top. Defeating the adversities, fighting odds and enemies, making friends, and experiencing betrayals. " An angel to my friends and a demon to my enemies." A legend is hereby born, view his journey of rising from the dead ashes, spreading his wings and conquering the skies " There is no path to the top of heaven, except the one you forge with your own efforts." Join my discord server: https://discord.gg/zF5cUeK

Debasish_padhi · Eastern Fantasy
426 Chs

The Geared Immortal

He was sent to a world where different races and beings wage different types of wars and fight for supremacy. With a body of a mere mortal, he learned the way of the immortal craft and a different cultivation technique. Making him able to roam the land searching for a place where he could belong. How can he survive in this dog-eat-dog world he knows not. But combining the ingenious designs of the modern world and immortal energy, otherworldly devastation awaits those who face, the geared immortal. ***Thanks to those who liked the novel. Your rate and comments are of great help.

Shynobi · Fantasy
1310 Chs

Heavenly Dao Child

Once upon time a wise man had said, “All men and women are born equal.” Well he lied, no one is born equal if it were so people would not be envious, would not desire harm on each other, especially HIM. Him, who is the envy of many, the goal of others, the object of hatred, the object of love and lust of countless, since he first took his breath. No matter what everyone wishes of him he stood tall and surpassed and flourished no matter what challenges and tribulations stood in his way he broke through them since he first opened his eyes to gaze at the world. The wise man is a liar, after all how can all men and women are equal when the Heaven’s itself decreed him to be It’s most favorite and beloved child.

SagelyDaoist · Eastern Fantasy
538 Chs

Game Lord's Cultivation System

What happens when one dies in real life while playing a virtual reality MMORPG game? Do they just die there? No, their life isn’t over as long as they’ve accomplished something that no one has ever done before. Witness the birth of the top number 1 player, Jiang Ming! He shall start afresh in the Northern Continent. With his sheer knowledge and proficiency in cultivation from the game, he shall become the most overpowered person. "Remember carefully, I'm Jiang Ming and not some nobody!" ------------------ Bonus Chapter Goal 300 Powerstones = 1 bonus chap 600 Powerstones = 2 bonus chap Discord: discord.gg/BtTB4fpunR

Idczhen · Eastern Fantasy
194 Chs

Omnipotent Sage

Invincible fists, unrivaled hammers! Junior Leopard, who traveled through time and space, takes what he earns and does only what he needs to do, never undertaking too much responsibility nor being so chivalrous as to do every good deed. His so-called ambitions from his past life to change the world were cast aside. However, when a forbidden bloodline awakens in his body and his eternal eyes begin to shine once again, he discovers that his iron fists give him the power to force others to follow the truth and to reforge justice! This is a cultivation legend about a modern man that was thrust into an amazing martial arts world.

Snake swallows whale · Eastern Fantasy
897 Chs

A Chaotic World

In a world where demons and beasts reigned supreme, humanity had been pushed to the edge, living in constant fear. Lu Tianzi was a genius cultivator, determined to one day grow strong enough to fight for his race and bring humanity out of the darkness. But by a twist of fate, he was betrayed by the people whom he respected the most, even almost losing his life as a result. Lu Tianzi managed to survive by a stroke of luck, but now his heart had chilled. What feelings for his own race? What pride as a human? All that crap had died along with his past self when he was mercilessly cast away! Now no matter if it was humanity or the demons, none shall be spared as long as they stood between him and the pinnacle of the world!

Sweating_Cloud · Eastern Fantasy
450 Chs

Cultivation Through Artifacts

[If you would, please check out my new novel, Lord of the Karmic Fate!] Died because of grief, reincarnated because of fate. Cal found himself in a world where dream was now reality and life meant survival! A world where cultivation existed and only the strong could survive! Follow him as he breaks through the unthinkable and reaches the heavens with nothing more but a power that lets him cultivate through Artifacts! ==================== Hello there! I hope you got intrigued by the synopsis or at least will give my book a chance and if you like it, I hope you will vote to help me! Naturally, your votes will be not in vain. First I want to reach 350 PS, so if we succeed with that, I will upload an extra chap! If God helps me and we surpass that by a huge margin I will write down more!:) Also, feel free to ask questions or write down if there is any mistakes, but please don't hate my book openly! Thank you! Also, my story starts slow, but it will get better I promise, just be patient! Join my Discord Server! https://discord.gg/Qr9Y7ty9j9 *Cover is mine, hope you like it!:)*

Gery_ · Fantasy
480 Chs

The Grand Duelist

Check out my other work! https://www.webnovel.com/book/records-of-the-weakest-emperor_17617505506953105 Records of the Weakest Emperor Disclaimer: This novel is inspired by other great works such as SCOG, OG, DE, and all other works that the author admires and reads on a daily basis Left alone, scarred and swimming with debt after his parents' death. Our protagonist, Joseph is now on the quest of erasing his debt along with keeping himself afloat without being homeless… Left without other choices, he turned to the world of Victory for solace only to find out that everything wasn't so simple like he expected. Even after two months of complete dedication to the game. He hasn't achieved any of his goals at all… But fortunately, lady luck soon blessed his hopeless life… He managed on erasing his debt, angering the gods living above the heavens and even acquiring a Mythical Class! But Joseph is a young man left with scars due to his past. Can he even become someone suitable for the grandeur of a Mythical Class? The Sun that Overlooks Everything? "Aye wait bro, don't attack ye- Sike! You thought!" "Alice, I really love it that you keep yourself feminine for the sake of your Swordsmanship. But can you not wear skirts while we're practicing? I can basically see what's underneath." "Abyssal Flame Master, why do you remind me of the alter-ego that I sealed a long time ago back when I was in middle school?" Fueled with the determination of being the strongest. Joseph, along with the comrades that he gathered on his journey shall crush those that dare stand before their path. But why? Because he's the Grand Duelist, destined to be at the top of everything. Artwork: This is a collaboration between me and the Connoisseur of the Dao of Sticc, Truedawn. We spent countless nights depicting the awesomeness of the MC through the Dao of the Sticc, I hope it is appreciated.

TheAdventurer · Video Games
203 Chs

Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me!

Author-san here! Well, I know you're all here for some adventure, so don't worry. I've got you covered! (^0^)  This is my original work, and I know you all will like it. So shamelessly lean back into your seats and read away!  Of course, don't forget to check out my other books: •I'm The King Of Technology. •Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You? •And finally: 'In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park.' Well, that's enough of that. So back to the synopsis! . ...... What to do? Ji Feng suddenly found himself in the body of a youngster named Wolfram Lockhart, the son of the deceased village head. Okay. So he transmigrated. That, he could live it.  But please... Can anyone tell him why he transmigrated with such a crazy system by his side? [Host, it looks like your uncle is heading your way. Hahahhahaha~... Host, you're about to get butchered. This is fun to watch!] '_' [Host, host, where are you going? So what if you're as weak as a chicken? Come on, dive into the battle. What's the worst that can happen?] '_' [Wait! Host, where are you doing? The battlefield is that way! Host! Host! Host!.. Dammit! What a waste of heavenly popcorn!] (:T^T:) .... One boy, one unbelievable system.  Ji Feng... No!... Wolfram Lockhart... now found himself in the strange world of Grandia, starting from the weakest level ever... A mortal! In this world of palladium, Sky ranking abilities, and Creatures of myths and legends, Wolfram only had one domain from it all.  With his head to the heavens and his little man out of his pants, he was quick to spray his fluid while raining uncountable curses at them.  Why? Why in God's name did they send him a Suicidal system?

lumydee · History
31 Chs

99 Hari Terjebak dalam Tubuh Istri Pewaris

Casey Hoult, gadis kata raya yang mewarisi seluruh kekayaan ayah dan ibunya yang telah meninggal, mengalami kecelakaan fatal yang membuatnya terbangun dalam keadaan yang sangat berbeda. DIa baru sadar bahwa jiwanya telah terperangkap dalam tubuh wanita bernama Clara yang meninggal saat pesta pernikahan, diduga akibat keracunan. Casey yang tidak tahu harus berbuat apa, akhirnya bertemu dengan seorang pria misterius yang tidak bisa dilihat oleh orang lain yang berjanji untuk selalu menemaninya selama 99 hari sebagai Clara. Dalam 99 hari, Casey berkesempatan mengungkap fakta kecelakaan yang menimpanya, tentang orang-orang jahat di sekitarnya yang tidak dia sadari dan mengungkap siapa yang telah meracuni Clara. Dalam 99 hari, Casey hidup sebagai Clara, yang membuatnya terpaksa berperan sebagai istri Nathanael William Rudolf yang merupakan pria bangsawan yang mewarisi kerajaan perusahaan keluarga dan sangat mencintai Clara. Perlahan, Casey merasa nyaman tinggal bersama Nathan, tapi dia tidak tahu bagaimana jika Nathan mengetahui siapa dirinya? Dia juga tidak tahu apakah setelah 99 hari dia masih hidup atau tidak? Fakta yang membuatnya menderita secara mental, ditambah fakta tentang orang-orang terdekatnya termasuk kekasihnya juga membuatnya sangat sedih ... Apa yang terjadi pada Casey dan orang-orang di sekitarnya? Akankah dia abadi di tubuh Clara dengan bantuan pria misterius itu? atau akankah dia kembali dengan tubuh aslinya masih dalam keadaan koma? Atau, mungkin dia akan mati dan tidak punya kesempatan untuk tinggal bersama Nathan? Yuk baca karena cerita ini bukan hanya tentang kriminal tapi juga tentang cinta setelah menikah..

Nonik_Farellidzy · Romansa Kontemporer
191 Chs

The Pack's Weirdo : A Mystery to unveil

Being an outcast is something that Aadhya have already accepted a while ago, well you can't blame her when she is the only human living in the pack of werewolves. She had accepted her fate that she is never going to have a mate but her all plans, all walls came crashing down when she not only found her mate but also an alpha as a mate. "you are joking" he said in complete horror while I was still trying to digest that I have a mate.. "you can't be my mate." he said in disgust and I flinched. "how can moon goddess be so cruel." he said while pacing. "listen ethan" I tried to make him understand. "it's alpha for you" he growled and his eyes flicked between brown and black. His wolf is trying to take control from him. "sorry alpha" i was trying to control myself. "pathetic" he sneered.. "I alpha Ethan Smith of blue moon pack son of alpha aiden and luna olivia reject you Aadhya as my mate and luna" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I survived the rejection and I will indeed add proudly that I did it in the most respectable way. I am Aadhya brown, a warrior and daughter of Late beta rose and daniel brown. There are many issues in my life like those unending nightmares that seems too real to ignore the pain or those wounds that I always get in training which can't heal itself or the most irritating issue of a certain alpha male who is unable to fight the broken mate bond, but the issue that is making me go almost insane now a days is : Why the vampires and rogues are suddenly interested in our pack? *NO PART OF THIS WORK MAYBE REPRODUCED, DISTRIBUTED, OR TRANSMITTED IN ANY FORM OR BY ANY MEANS, WITHOUT THE PRIOR PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR {THE IMAGE USED IN COVER PHOTO OF THE BOOK IS TAKEN FROM THE INTERNET AND IS SOLELY THE WORK OF IT'S CREATOR}*

Mudita Upreti · Fantasy
61 Chs

Parallel Memory

A person's perspective plays a vital role in developing one's personality. What happens when you realize the world you live in is the same as a Novel. Zero Elea gets a Skill called Parallel Memory which allowed him to get the memory of his alternative self of a different universe. He realizes that the world he lives in is similar to the novel he used to read in his alternative world. The world will face catastrophe in the future but there is no need to worry as there is a main character working hard to save the world. And what about me? I am but a mob character. ======== Discord Link: https://discord.gg/taRUJMkDrc

SomDxD · Fantasy
116 Chs


Senja Tsabina, sesuai dengan namanya ia sangat menyukai sunset atau suasana saat matahari akan terbenam. Mahasiswi kedokteran ini merupakan gadis yang pintar namun polos soal percintaan. Senja beranggapan bahwa ia hanya akan jatuh cinta sekali seumur hidupnya yaitu pada suaminya kelak. Hingga dia bertemu dan jatuh hati pada seorang lelaki melayu bernama Arga, senior di kampusnya. Arga dengan sikap dinginnya telah berhasil membuat Senja jatuh cinta sejatuh-jatuhnya. Seiring berjalannya waktu, sikap dingin Arga berubah, dia menjadi lebih perhatian kepada Senja. Akankah sikap Arga ini tidak berubah hingga akhir dan apakah Arga menjadi lelaki pertama dan terakhir dalam hidup Senja ?? Yang pasti Arga adalah cinta pertama Senja, sampai kapanpun. Senja sangat percaya bahwa cinta mereka adalah takdir dari Tuhan. Kisah ini tidak hanya tentang kisah manis antara Senja dan Arga, namun lebih dalam dari itu. Tentang kepercayaan, pengkhianatan, keikhlasan, kesabaran, dan ambisi. Bagaimanakah akhir dari kisah ini ?? Nantikan kelanjutan ceritanya hanya di "Senja Terakhir". "Kejahatan terbesarku adalah mempercayainya, dan hukumanku adalah pengkhianatannya" ~ Senja Tsabina

aksara_zeen · Romansa Anak Muda
142 Chs

Sayap Pelengkap

Dalam sebuah hubungan dibutuhkan sikap untuk sama-sama saling mencintai, menyayangi, perhatian, percaya dan apa adanya. Ya, itu adalah hal yang paling dibutuhkan dalam menjaga sebuah hubungan.     Dari A-Z sudah mereka saling lakukan. Hubungan mereka berjalan dengan mulus selama enam tahun ini. Namun, ada hal yang membuat hubungan selama enam tahun ini hambar dalam setiap tahunnya. Tidak bosan, hanya saja sedikit merasa aneh.      Bahkan, perselingkuhan sudah pernah hadir dalam hubungan mereka. Namun, bukannya berakhir malah semakin erat. Keduanya sama-sama ada orang ketiga dan hal itu seakan bukan hal yang aneh.     Jessica dan Fauzan sama-sama mencari titik terang dari rasa hambar dalam hubungan mereka itu.     Lalu, apakah mereka mampu menemukan masalah dan penyelesaiannya sebelum hubungan mereka berakhir?     Atau justru hubungan mereka yang akan lebih dulu menemukan titik terangnya?      

Lovurple4_ · Romansa Anak Muda
164 Chs